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Account Alerts

Do you want to know when your account balance is low or when a loan payment is due? These are just a couple of the many account and security alerts you can receive with Online Banking Account Alerts.

Deposit Account Alerts

You can set up your checking and savings accounts to send alerts via email or text to your mobile phone. Here are just a few examples of available alerts:

  • Deposit Alert Notice
  • Direct Deposit
  • High Balance Alert
  • Low Balance Alert
  • Negative Balance Alert
  • Reoccurring Debit
  • Withdrawal Alert

Deposit Alert Notice

We will send you an automatic alert when your account receives a deposit for a specific amount or an amount greater than a value you set.

Direct Deposit Notice

Use the direct deposit notice to receive an alert notification when an electronic deposit is made to your account, such as social security benefit or automatic payroll deposit.

High & Low Balance Alert

Receive an alert when your account has gone above or below a specified amount.

Negative Balance Alert

To receive an alert if your available account balance is negative or overdrawn. When you use this account alert, you may have an automatic sweep account such as a savings or loan account that will transfer funds to cover your balance condition or you can use express transfer to deposit funds into your account.

Reoccurring Debit

We will send you an alert each time your account is debited by check or electronic debit.

Withdrawal Alert

Receive a onetime alert message when specific check or electronic item is deducted from your account.

Loan Alerts

Use loan account alerts to send you a message via online banking, email or text to your mobile phone. Here are just a few examples of available alerts:

  • Loan Payment Due
  • Loan Payment Past Due
  • Loan Payment Received

How Alerts Work

You can have alerts sent to any email address or to your mobile phone. It's easy to manage your alert preferences Online. Log on to your account and click on alerts to review alerts, add a new alert or view messages. Once on the alert page select an account category and type of alert you wish to setup.

You must have an email account that you can access to review account alerts. If you wish to receive an account alert by text messaging you, must be enrolled on Mobiliti and have text messaging and alerts enabled. You can add this by logging onto online banking and clicking on the Options button, then scroll down to Mobile Banking Profile and click on Manage Device(s). Once in the Main Menu go to "Change My Mobile Banking Services."